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Nowadays, new trends of atypical houses and designs have emerged. We created the barrels to meet this growing demand. Barrels were initially designed to stock wine and other liquids. We converted them into leisure residences (HLL).
Barrels can be simple ones or double ones depending on the surface area you want. We can design your barrel following the pictures you provide us.
The wooden frame respects 2012 RT standards. The barrels' insulation can be 3 seasons (160mm) or 4 seasons (220mm). The walls are covered with shingle (shingle is a glass fiber reinforced asphalted felt sheet) to achieve perfect watertightness.

  • All barrels are delivered already built or for self-assembly depending on the sizes.
  • Putting up possible on estimate.


Standards RT 2012 USINE ISO 9001

All-season, empty or totally equipped.


In water (tank)
In solar energy (hybrid)
Dry toilets

Only 2 months

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