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Our range of roulottes

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  • Several sizes
  • All the roulottes are delivered already built.

Our models are available from 5 to 9 linear

Whether you are a private individual or a professional, you sometimes need an extra space to host friends, relatives, to work in or even to create a playroom for your children. No matter your need, we have the perfect roulotte for you.

Our roulottes' design is stylish with a classical or modern vibe. You will find the perfect fit for your project among our wide range of cosy roulottes. Let your imagination do the work and customize your roulotte as you wish by hamonizing the colors of your choice.

*Roulotte Manolo  5ml x 2.45ml soit 12.25m². Épaisseur : plancher 160mm, mur 160mm , toiture 200mm . Terrasse frontale. Électricité , plomberie , parquet stratifié, 3 menuiseries extérieures, produit monté et livraison incluse région PACA (hors déchargement).


Standards RT 2012 USINE ISO 9001

All-season, empty or totally equipped.


In water (tank)
In solar energy (hybrid)
Dry toilets

Only 2 months

From order to delivery
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