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Our range of teepees

Everybody has a wild side

Our models are available from 20 to 40 m2

Our teepees or wooden chalet have a direct visual impact thanks to their triangular shape. They are designed to meet your needs as a professional for leisure accomodations (campsites, holiday cottages) or as a private individual.
Teepees are built just like a real little house with a wooden frame. Their 150/200mm insulation in the floor and their 100/150/200 in the walls and in the roof ensures you an experience with all mod cons in both summer and winter. Projects which don't exceed 20m2 (subject to a works authorization) offer a large living room on the ground floor that you can organize with a kitchen corner and a separated bathroom. The story can easily be organized with a double bed.
Our teepees can be built on any type of land since the bearing floor can be built on both a concrete slab or pads. We use transparent glazed panelling as interior finishing, 68 IV european standard glued and laminated wood and metal sheet roof to preserve the cosy vibe of the teepee.

  • All teepees have a wooden frame, with insulation and can be designed on a 20/30/40 m2 and more, on one level or two.
  • Custom-made possible, with custom interior finishing.


Standards RT 2012 USINE ISO 9001

All-season, empty or totally equipped.


In water (tank)
In solar energy (hybrid)
Dry toilets

Only 2 months

From order to delivery
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