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Little house on the prairie


American house owners became overburdened with debt during the 2007 financial crisis in the United States and lost their real estates. They couldn't afford expensive credits anymore and were expelled from their houses which were seized by the banks. Many people chose an alternative lifestyle combining both life quality and vast spaces. The tiny house was born.
The trend has arrived in France about ten years ago but with very different objectives : whether it was about getaways to discover the beautiful french regions, the creation of an extra living space for the family or to rent an atypical home.
The law allows a maximum width of 2m55, a maximum height of 4m50 and a maximum weight of 3.5 tonnes.
A BE driving license is needed to tow the tiny house.
The law distinguishes two types of tiny houses : designs on wheels which are considered light leisure residences (HLL) et fixed ones considered movable leisure residences (mobile home).
Tiny houses can be parked for a maximum 3 month-period on a lot. In no way, however, a tiny house can be considered a permanent residence.
A declaration has to be sent to the town halls' urbanism department in case of parking exceeding this duration.
The owners of a tiny house exceeding 20m2 have to ask for a planning permission to their town hall.
Tiny houses have the same legislation as caravans during a trip.


*Tiny house  5ml x 2.45ml soit 12.25m². Épaisseur : plancher 160mm, mur 160mm, toiture 160mm. Comprenant électricité, plomberie, parquet stratifié, 3 menuiseries extérieures, produit monté et livraison incluse région PACA (hors déchargement).

  • Several sizes to choose from.
  • All tiny houses are delivered built.


Standards RT 2012 USINE ISO 9001

All-season, empty or totally equipped.


In water (tank)
In solar energy (hybrid)
Dry toilets

Only 2 months

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