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Our range of yurts

Our yurts look like the authentic ones with their circular shape while offering much more comfort in order to see your friends or clients in a cozy atmosphere. Yurts were originally round dwellings of 5.80m in diameter with only one main room organized around a stove. They were built on a wooden frame and covered by animal skins. Inside, beds were used as chairs in the day time.
Our yurt is inspired by these elements but we've made several changes to improve the comfort of your new home : for example, you can choose to add partition walls. It can also be autonomous in water, electricity and have dry toilets or connected to the grid.
The wooden walls can be 100, 150 or 200mm thick. The roof is also insulated to offer maximum comfort.

  • All yurts are delivered already built or for self-assembly depending on the sizes.
  • Putting up possible on estimate.


Standards RT 2012 USINE ISO 9001

All-season, empty or totally equipped.


In water (tank)
In solar energy (hybrid)
Dry toilets

Only 2 months

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